Vinner of the 2018 Pelle Lindberg-scholarship. 
Graduation project with the aim to rise a greater understanding about the dedication a person with dyslexia goes through when reading and writing. Through the classic format of a book, using only typography and text we visualize the feelings and dedication that many dyslexics experience. 
Our intention is to create an uncomfortable reading experience and give an insight as to how a dys­lexic person feels and per­ceives a world in text. Some pages can be turned around or flipped over, others work with the paper underneath. The book is not bound and has no pagination to further increase the distress when reading. The content is based on stories by peo­ple with dys­lexia. 
Art Direction/Design together with Fanny Laubscher​​​​​​​
Exhibition monter at Konstnärshuset May 2018
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